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Our dance programs have as a goal to encourage the personal growth of each and every student. Our trained staff promises to do their absolute best to provide an environment where children can develop confidence and high self-esteem through technical and energetic instruction, positive reinforcement, and personal attention! Our programs offer a variety of dance styles including Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz and many more!



Our acrobatics program aims to encourage our students to test themselves, work on their strength and further develop their flexibility!

Students will have the opportunity to grow their abilities through challenging strengthening and stretching exercises. Throughout the program students will learn to do different jumps, tricks and skills they never thought possible!



Jabberwocky is a creative space for children and families, founded on the belief that process art and sensory play are fundamental to emotional, intellectual and developmental growth. We celebrate curiosity and imagination, nurturing the process of creation and learning through play.

We offer a range of workshops and open studio time for kids, babies and families. During Jabberwocky workshops, your child will be encouraged to engage, explore and experiment with a wide variety of art materials. Classes are child led, open ended, and process based. Each class features a different selection of sensory-rich art projects and activities, providing hands-on tools for children to learn about their world and their senses.



Our drama program aims to encourage our students to step outside their comfort zone, let their guard down & explore!

Students will have the opportunity to work on everything from improvisation & monologues, to character building, scene work & script writing! We are looking forward to working with all the aspiring actors and actresses in the community!



Our music classes are built for our babies and toddlers. This program is a fun and dynamic way for children to be stimulated by song, movement, and sound. The wide selection of songs, various props, and diverse musical instruments are what brings these classes to life and leaves the children excited to come back week after week!