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In our first round of ticket sales, there is a limit of 7 tickets per family.

A 2nd round of ticket sales will take place later, where you will be allowed to purchase more, should you want more! But for now, let us know how many more you might want!

It is important to note that if you order more than 7 tickets, your entire order will be CANCELLED and as it is assigned seating, you will also lose your spot and have to re-order.

Please note: dancers in the show will not need tickets, and children under the age of 4, so long as they are in your lap, do not require tickets.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is simply your ticket reservation and payment.

Your physical tickets should be picked up at the studio as of Thursday, May 30th!

You will need physical tickets to present the day of the event!!


All tickets are final sale and non-refundable. 

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Year-End Show Ticket

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